Dust Mites Allergy – Hard to Avoid

vacuuming dustMany types of allergies are easy to manage because the key to that is basically avoiding the allergen.  If you have a peanut allergy your plan is to avoid peanuts.  If you react to latex avoid latex.  Dust is not that easy to avoid and a dust mites allergy can make for a lot of regular discomfort.

Dust mites feed off of the dead organic material that is shed by humans like dead skin cells.  These can be found in the particles that accumulate to form dust.  A dust mites allergy is actually caused by an allergy to the feces of the dust mite not the dust mite itself.  A dust mite falls into the arachnid category like spiders versus an insect since it has eight legs.  They are so small they really are not seen.  They can reproduce at a great rate so in order to manage a dust mites allergy you need a regular cleaning routine.

Since organic matter like dead skin cells and sweat can be found on our beds this is usually a spot where many dust mites and their feces can be found.  Hypoallergenic sheets, mattress liners and pillow cases can be used.  They basically hold the dust mite and their deposits on the mattresses and pillows so you don’t breath them in.  Allergy symptoms that you experience at night like congestion and sneezing could very well be a dust mites allergy caused by bedding that is full of the waste from the dust mites.

A dust mites allergy can be further managed by air cleaner and purifiers.  Using special filters in your cooling and heating systems will also help.  Dusting often is advised with a face mask.  Please note though that if your duster is not a good one you basically are just moving the dust from the object you are dusting to the floor and the air.  Following up with vacuuming with an allergy friendly vacuum cleaner is a must.  Dust mites like mattresses, couches and carpets so a good vacuum is a good weapon to have in your allergy fighting arsenal.  One with a good set of attachments to reach areas like blinds and corners is a plus.

Though a dust mites allergy is hard to avoid managing it is doable if you are willing to put in the work.  Many times if will depend on how bad your allergy symptoms are.  Since dust mites also affect asthma the stakes can be higher.  I know that since I have kids with asthma I take dust very seriously.

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