Treating Allergy with Acupuncture Is a Possibility

acupunture for allergiesFor those who are tired of the side effects of traditional allergy treatments treating allergy with acupuncture is more than a possibility it is a reality for many folks.  In related studies acupuncture looks promising as alternative allergy treatment.  Most of us are trained to seek traditional medical treatments for allergy with most of them involving medications that of course come with side effects.  Acupuncture has no known side effects so for those sick of dealing with drowsiness, dry mouth, dizziness and nausea this alternative allergy treatment is definitely worth a try.

So for those not familiar with acupuncture what is it?  Acupuncture attempts to treat and even cure diseases, ailments and pain with the use of needles inserted into specific pressure points in the body.  It is based on an ancient Chinese approach that attempts to not only treat the symptoms of a “disease” like allergies but also strives to get the body to cure itself.  Nowadays some modern approaches to acupuncture involve the use of lasers to trigger the body’s functions instead of with just the needles.  Neither of which includes the use of medicines though some practitioners also advocate the use of other herbal remedies in conjunction with the acupuncture.  So in essence treating allergy with acupuncture is a natural treatment.

Though seasonal allergy symptoms are being relieved by acupuncture other allergy sufferers like those with food allergies are also treating allergy with acupuncture.  Acupuncture offers relief from these allergies and information suggests that those that benefit most are those with allergies that affect the large intestines, the stomach, and the spleen.  A total understanding of how the acupuncture works should not  be a show stopper because you can ask questions of the acupuncturist who you may be considering.  Acupuncture can be performed through many different ways that include French Energetic, Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), hand, and Worsley 5 Element and there are others. TCM is used in treating conditions that cause the patient to have a deficiency known as the Wei Qi (Chi). This deficiency is thought to make people susceptible to colds and respiratory infections that only acupuncture can reduce the impacts.

It is important to note that treating allergy with acupuncture can include advice from the practitioner to help overall health.  This is done to treat the complete person which should help improve the body’s overall immune system and therefore decrease allergy symptoms.  As stated earlier acupuncture is getting more modern with the use of lasers starting to phase out the more invasive use of needles.  Be sure to ask which method will be used.  Practitioners are also certified so make sure you understand what their training and qualifications are before you commit to treatment.

Allergy symptoms can be tormenting and many of us on medications may be on them for life.  Treating allergy with acupuncture will continue to increase in popularity as more and more of us look for natural alternative treatments to alleviate our symptoms.

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