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Types of Allergies Expand Daily

As someone who writes about allergies regularly I am sometimes amazed at the different types of allergies that are being categorized.  Sometimes it seems the list is being expanded daily.  Many times those not familiar with seasonal allergy symptoms confuse them with a cold while someone with a food allergy might think they got a […]


Lake Water Allergies – An UnExpected Allergy

Lake water allergies are not something most people think about as they are taking the leap off the rope going in or just wading with their kids to get cool on a hot summer day.  Nature is an interesting thing since for some of us it can cause unexpected reactions.  Lake water allergies also sometimes […]


Fruit Allergies and OAS

Fruit allergies and OAS go hand in hand.  OAS stands for Oral Allergy Syndrome and refers to allergic reactions to fruit, nuts and vegetables.  This tends to develop in adults with hay fever otherwise known as seasonal allergies.  The correlation doesn’t seem to make sense but fruit grows in and on the earth which is […]


Managing Your Sun Allergies

Sun allergies can be confused with many things both relatively ranging from benign to actual life changing diseases.  When most people get a rash after being out in the sun they think that maybe they have a sun burn.  Even if they only spent a little time in the sun they may make that assumption.  […]