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Cat Allergies – Avoiding the Dander

Cat allergies are not that bad for those without many cat owners in their lives.  Those people can avoid the dander that causes their allergic reactions.  Sadly some cat allergy sufferers are also cat owners and lovers.  Cat allergies don’t always manifest themselves right away so a recent cat owner may not know they are […]


Avoiding and Managing Flea Allergy Dermatitis

Pet allergies can make humans miserable but did you realize that the very dogs and cats we love can be suffering from allergies too.  Flea allergy dermatitis is an allergy to the saliva of fleas that affects both cats and dogs.  Of course not all cats and dogs are allergic to fleas since flea infestations […]


Eye Allergies – More Than Irritating

Eye allergies can sometimes seem to take a back seat to many of the nasal and seasonal allergy symptoms that are complained about today.  Television commercials tend to focus on the sneezing and the congestion but many seasonal allergy sufferers also suffer from irritating eye allergies.  Some may debate whether eye allergies are really an […]


Allergy Medicines Can Do The Trick

Allergy medicines are so prevalent nowadays one has to wonder what we would do without them.  Sadly whatever factors are contributing to the rise in allergies they don’t seem to be changing for the better.  Allergy medicines are advertised heavily during pollen season because so many of us suffer from seasonal allergies but they can […]