Natural Allergy Relief – Looking for Safer Alternatives

natural relief for allergies?Do you feel you are taking your allergy medicine all year long?  With the rise in allergy medicines it is hard to avoid some prescription to steroidal medicines and antihistamines when you complain about seasonal allergies.  Natural allergy relief is being looked at for providing safer alternatives to all those drugs.  The search for natural allergy relief options usually kicks into high gear when allergy sufferers realize that the side effects and long term negative impacts of using their allergy medicine may not be worth it.

Last year I had a bad spell of what appeared to be a case of seasonal allergies.  I am pretty used to this by now so I implemented my usual routine of my prescription nasal spray and antihistamines.  I also have a daily routine of nasal cleansing as part of this too.  After a couple of weeks I still didn’t have any relief and I was so congested I was having hearing problems which led to what I now know is tinnitus.

I was so alarmed I stopped my allergy relief routine completely and began treating myself with over the counter cold and flu medicine.  I ended up at my primary care doctor’s office who looked at my nasal congestion in horror and disgust at my not having “managed my discomfort” with all of the medications at my disposal.  She in turn told me to blitz my nasal allergy symptoms with not only my prescription nasal spray but Benadryl as well.  I did tell her that my nasal spray had warnings for drowsiness but that did not seem to concern her.  There was never any mention of natural allergy relief options…

Coincidentally enough I was returning to see her the following week for my annual physical.  With a slew of blood tests that are the norm she found that a level of something in my liver was out of line.  In my mind I laughed.  I had just gone through a dizzying week of non-stop antihistamines , decongestants and steroidal nose spray so my body obviously did not like that.  I had to be tested again a week later and of course the levels were back to normal because I was no longer blitzing my nasal allergy symptoms.

This story illustrates not just the overreliance on strong medicines by traditional doctors but the damage their use can cause in your body.  The results were seen in a week.  Decongestants can cause high blood pressure and antihistamines especially the levels that usually work for me cause too much drowsiness.   You need to understand that I am more of a go to person for traditional medicine so natural allergy relief for me really has become a last option.

On the natural allergy relief front for antihistamines there were surprisingly a few options to look at.  Nettle, butterbur and quercetin are natural antihistamines.  They come in pill form.  Nasal cleansing which I already do also helps to manage the particles in your nose that may be causing an allergic reaction like pollen.  These use saline solutions which are not supposed to produce side effects.  On the immune system side natural allergy relief products can include fish oil capsules and zinc supplements that give your immune system a boost so you are less susceptible to your allergies.

Natural allergy relief alternatives will continue to play a major role in the treatment of allergies.  As the government gets more involved in the clear regulation of the natural remedies arena more people will find that alternative allergy treatments can be safe.  Concrete studies in the area of these alternatives will also bring them more into the mainstream.

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