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World Full Of Allergies

When I was younger I was often confused by the topic of allergies. Though my sister had many it was a foreign concept to me since I really wasn’t affected by them in my youth. As I got older and seasonal allergies started to get the best of me I started learning more about allergies […]


An Allergy Research Group Can Help Find Alternatives

When you are at your wits end you may want to look into finding an allergy research group near you. Similar to the studies that can produce the latest drugs an allergy research group may help you identify your allergy and possible remedies. If you have allergies they can often make life unbearable. This is […]


An Egg Allergy : Your Responsibility

Food allergies can affect many lives. I have written about a variety of foods and ingredients that can cause allergies. An egg allergy is one of those in the top 4 that are usually mentioned, milk, fish, peanuts and eggs. Until January 2006 manufacturers were not required to identify what products contained eggs which made […]


Allergy Products : From Management to Prevention

You will find many places both online and off that recommend allergy products. Allergies come in so many different forms that not one thing works for every person but when you are struggling with allergies you are usually willing to try just about anything. Before you dive in let’s break down what the typical list […]


Dairy Allergies : What No Cheese?

Let’s face it, my sister has a hard life. She has been plagued by allergies much longer than I have. Not only does she have the normal airborne type of allergies but she also suffers from dairy allergies. This is a sad diagnosis for a cheese lover but she has found ways to adapt. She […]


Animal Lovers and Pet Allergies

Pet allergies can be pretty tough on you but they are even harder when you are actually an animal lover. I’ve mentioned my sister and her cat Topaz before. He recently passed on and even though she is allergic to cats she went out and bought 2 new cats. Pet allergies can be managed which […]