Neti Pot Review

If you suffer from allergies or sinus problems you need to find out what the craze surrounding the Neti Pot is all about. This product recently appeared on the Oprah show and they are flying off the shelves. If you don’t know what a Neti Pot is and you see it in action for the first time you may be alarmed, even grossed out by the process. Surprisingly though many people are trying this with great results.

The neti pot is supposed to give the allergy and sinusitis sufferer relief by cleansing the sinuses with a saline solution that is poured into the nostrils. Better health with the neti pot is not expensive either since you can buy a neti pot for anywhere between $10 – $30.

Below is a neti pot video demonstrating the product as sold by the Himalayan Institute but they are not the only provider of this type of product. That is good news since due to the press it has received lately it is on back order at this Institute’s website. The neti pot video is a good way of seeing how to use a neti pot in general. This video went viral because the neti pot was mentioned on the show “Six Feet Under”.


Neti Pot Demonstration Video


I have been a sinus sufferer for years. As I got older I developed more allergies and my discomfort worsened. The allergies would affect my sinuses which lead to migraines. This is a horrible cycle and anyone who suffers from it is willing to try anything to get their quality of life back. I never thought that you could actually “clean” your sinuses so this product is very promising, especially since it has received so many good reviews.A major benefit of using a sinus cleansing system is that it may reduce your need for drugs that may affect your health adversely. AllergyFiles is providing our visitors with a few options for buying a neti pot. As of this moment they are still available but you might need to act fast since word of mouth is continuing due to Oprah.


This neti pot is only $11.95 currently and has a whole system that goes with it with the instructions on how to use the neti pot. It definitely is a good value for the price.


This is the neti pot system that is shown in the above video. It is priced at $25.34 and again is a good value for your money. As of this writing it is still in stock through this link Himalayan Institute Ceramic Neti Pot Starter Kit


If you are looking for a comprehensive nasal and sinus cleansing system Grossan would be your choice. Keep in mind that this option is more expensive at about $75. It does provide a much broader range of features:

Product Features

  • Gentle, pleasant, and effective relief – machine does the work
  • Takes only 3 minutes to use and you feel great right away
  • The only system purpose-built for pulsatile sinus irrigation
  • Proven to make your sinus cilia work better – without drugs
  • Three-way breath control with throat and tongue cleanser (included)

So in conclusion AllergyFiles highly recommends the use of the neti pot. With so many great reviews and such low cost options it is definitely worth a try.  Don’t be afraid of the process it is not as uncomfortable as it looks and you will love how you feel afterward.

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