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Natural Allergy Relief – Looking for Safer Alternatives

Do you feel you are taking your allergy medicine all year long?  With the rise in allergy medicines it is hard to avoid some prescription to steroidal medicines and antihistamines when you complain about seasonal allergies.  Natural allergy relief is being looked at for providing safer alternatives to all those drugs.  The search for natural […]


Treating Allergy with Acupuncture Is a Possibility

For those who are tired of the side effects of traditional allergy treatments treating allergy with acupuncture is more than a possibility it is a reality for many folks.  In related studies acupuncture looks promising as alternative allergy treatment.  Most of us are trained to seek traditional medical treatments for allergy with most of them […]


Eye Allergies – More Than Irritating

Eye allergies can sometimes seem to take a back seat to many of the nasal and seasonal allergy symptoms that are complained about today.  Television commercials tend to focus on the sneezing and the congestion but many seasonal allergy sufferers also suffer from irritating eye allergies.  Some may debate whether eye allergies are really an […]


Allergy Medicines Can Do The Trick

Allergy medicines are so prevalent nowadays one has to wonder what we would do without them.  Sadly whatever factors are contributing to the rise in allergies they don’t seem to be changing for the better.  Allergy medicines are advertised heavily during pollen season because so many of us suffer from seasonal allergies but they can […]


Mold Allergy Treatments – Fluconazole

Fluconazole is a prescription drug being used for the treatment of mold allergies.  Mold allergy treatments can be very similar to those for hayfever and seasonal allergies.  Sometimes though more non mainstream approaches are necessary.  Fluconazole for mold allergies is becoming one of the mold allergy treatments that seem to be working for many mold […]


Seasonal Allergy Hell – Not Your Imagination

Have seasonal allergies affected you this year? I was looking at the latest videos posted regarding allergies and found a recording of Robin Roberts from Good Morning America talking about what appear to be pollen allergy statistics for 2006. Though the data is dated it got me thinking about how the last few years have […]