Mold Allergy Treatments – Fluconazole

nasal allergy suffererFluconazole is a prescription drug being used for the treatment of mold allergies.  Mold allergy treatments can be very similar to those for hayfever and seasonal allergies.  Sometimes though more non mainstream approaches are necessary.  Fluconazole for mold allergies is becoming one of the mold allergy treatments that seem to be working for many mold allergy sufferers.

Chronic sinus problems and typical airborne allergy symptoms like sneezing and nasal congestion can confuse those with mold allergies.  You need to consider whether your symptoms persist even when pollen counts are not at levels that affect seasonal allergy sufferers.

Across the United States mold problems are increasing with the increased rains and snows of the last few years.  Mold grows in dark, wet places as well as being in the outdoors in the warmer weather.  Confirm that you indeed have a mold allergy by having your doctor take a culture of your nose.  Based on the kind of mold found your doctor may recommend an anti-fungal medication in addition to fluconazole for mold allergies.

Sickness can be caused by mold found inside the home and tends to affect those with weaker immune systems like kids and older adults.  If symptoms develop that make you think you have allergies you need to consider not just pollen but mold that can grow in your home as well.  One of the treatments your doctor or allergist may recommend is fluconazole for mold allergies.

Typically doctors exhaust other options before turning to fluconazole for mold allergies.  Prescription level medicines can have side effects so they usually are used last.  Fluconazole which also can go by Diflucan is used to treat yeast infections.  Yeast is a type of fungus so that is why the relationship developed to use fluconazole for mold allergies.

Whether you use fluconazole for allergies or any other mold allergy treatment, finding and cleaning up any mold problems in your house will undoubtedly help to alleviate your mold allergy symptoms as well.  Though some of the places where mold can grow are obvious like bathrooms and basements cleaning them may require professional help.

As someone who has suffered with sinus symptoms and nasal allergy symptoms as well it is interesting to see how mold allergy treatments may hold relief for symptoms that can last all year long.  As with any drug using fluconazole for mold allergies can cause side effects.  With the help of your doctor you can balance out the cost benefit of using this prescription medicine.  You should also ask them about cross effects with both over the counter and prescription that you are using as well.

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