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Allergy Tips for the Halloween Season

Halloween and allergies are not something you necessarily think about but whether you are talking about candy or possible face paint there are many opportunities to be exposed to allergens and their awful consequences on Halloween.  Food allergies continue to be more common but it is hard to deny your children the childhood pleasure of […]


Food Allergies – Adults Suffer Too

Food allergies have gotten a lot of attention in the last 10 to 15 years. The rise in those suffering from food allergies has caused the media to focus more attention on the various kinds of food allergies but it seems most of the coverage is going to the children. Of course this isn’t a […]


The Myth of Frequent Urination and Food Allergies

Is frequent urination tied to food allergies?  Though there are a few articles online advancing this theory, the truth is that no connection has been made in the world of medical studies.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that the connection will not someday be established but it is important to look at all the known causes […]


Fruit Allergies and OAS

Fruit allergies and OAS go hand in hand.  OAS stands for Oral Allergy Syndrome and refers to allergic reactions to fruit, nuts and vegetables.  This tends to develop in adults with hay fever otherwise known as seasonal allergies.  The correlation doesn’t seem to make sense but fruit grows in and on the earth which is […]


Beer Allergy – Say it Ain’t So

Do you think you have a beer allergy?  If you don’t know a lot about how beer is made you may think it doesn’t make sense but beer is full of a bunch of different ingredients that can possibly cause an allergic reaction.  If your symptoms have been relatively mild like congestion and a runny […]


Treatment of Peanut Allergy Evolves

Recently there has been a lot of news coverage regarding a new treatment for peanut allergies.  A study of children with peanut allergy has been conducted by Dr. Wesley Burks of Duke University Medical Center.  The initial study was small at 33 children with the main approach being oral immunotherapy. The children were challenged  with […]