The Myth of Frequent Urination and Food Allergies

Fish and egg salad sandwichIs frequent urination tied to food allergies?  Though there are a few articles online advancing this theory, the truth is that no connection has been made in the world of medical studies.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that the connection will not someday be established but it is important to look at all the known causes for frequent urination before assuming there is a cause between your frequent urination and food allergies.

It isn’t hard to see how the jump can be made in associating this problem with food allergies since food allergy symptoms do include stomach related upset like diarrhea and abdominal pain.  The theory is that wheat allergy and gluten allergy are specific suspects in the correlation between food allergies and frequent  urination.

Celiac disease sufferers are of specific interest here since their problems with the digestion of gluten products cause a variety of intestinal issues.  Some people with Celiac Disease have reported frequent urination as a symptom so there may end up being a basis in that regard.

Other culprits that have been tagged as suspects are foods high in acid.  This would also include drinks like sodas, tea and cranberry juice.  Interestingly enough foods can affect people in different ways.  I for one know that if I combine orange juice with peanut butter and jelly I am headed to the  bathroom within 15 minutes.  Is this the acid in the orange juice or the wheat and gluten in the wheat bread for my sandwich?  Keep in mind that some soda and coffee drinkers have many of these drinks a day which in and of itself may cause you to go to the bathroom often.

As with food allergies in general, cataloging what you eat and the allergic symptoms they may cause will allow you to make more progress than just guessing.  Frequent urination is a symptom of a variety of possible illnesses like Diabetes so a doctor should rule all of them out before you just assume your frequent urination is associated with your food allergies.  Another area the doctor may look at are the medicines that you are taking.  Many medicines have what may appear to be benign side effects including frequent urination including some allergy medicines.

Frequent urination though may be more than a nuisance if it is affecting your ability to do the things that you need to do and the things that you want to do.  There a plenty of medicines being marketed for over active bladder so that may be an option for you depending on your doctor’s advice.  If you truly suspect that  your frequent urination is associated with a food allergy or a food intolerance make sure you go into the doctor armed with a catalog that can help them pinpoint the problem.

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