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MSG Allergy : Always Eat Carefully

Do you think you have an MSG allergy? Going out to eat is always a challenge because typically you don’t know what is in the food you are eating. Whether you think its a food intolerance, an allergy or an adverse reaction you don’t want to be on the other end. MSG otherwise known as […]


An Allergy To Down Comforters Make for a Restless Night

In the previous post I highlighted a product that may help those who think they have an allergy to down comforters. I was exposed to these types of products because of my children but I am also finding they apply to me. I had no clue that I could be allergic to my down comforter. […]


Avoid the Dustmites, Allergy -Shield s TM Luxurious Down Alternative Comforter

Do you miss comforters? I did until I found out that they now make some for those of us who have problems with allergies caused by dust mites. Natural Comfort has a whole line of bedding and covers that are allergy friendly, so to speak. I have included the link above to the comforter but […]


Allergies In Children – Silent Suffering

Allergies in children are a big concern for today’s parent. As mentioned in the previous article my 2 young children are experiencing allergy symptoms and I want to make sure to do what is best for keeping them comfortable and safe. My initial concerns with my children came up pretty early particularly with my son […]


Allergies – Mystery Solved

Allergies have plagued me since my late twenties. I was surprised to think that I would be allergic to anything since I had always been the picture of health in my family. I always thought I was getting a cold. My sister and my mother both had asthma which is usually a good indication that […]