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Seasonal Allergy Hell – Not Your Imagination

Have seasonal allergies affected you this year? I was looking at the latest videos posted regarding allergies and found a recording of Robin Roberts from Good Morning America talking about what appear to be pollen allergy statistics for 2006. Though the data is dated it got me thinking about how the last few years have […]


Mold Allergy : An Unexpected Airborne Allergy

When most people think of mold they think of the mold in damp basements or the mold and mildew associated with bathroom cleaning products. A mold allergy in that case would have been thought of to result from somehow touching the mold. The reality is that a mold allergy is typically triggered by the mold […]


A Dust Allergy : Spring Cleaning Avoided

Are you one of those people that loves to clean in bursts? A dust allergy may cause you to adapt a new strategy. Instead of waiting until spring cleaning to do a major clean up you should consider taking out the feather duster more often. If you find yourself sneezing and wheezing and you can’t […]


Avoid the Dustmites, Allergy -Shield s TM Luxurious Down Alternative Comforter

Do you miss comforters? I did until I found out that they now make some for those of us who have problems with allergies caused by dust mites. Natural Comfort has a whole line of bedding and covers that are allergy friendly, so to speak. I have included the link above to the comforter but […]