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Cat Allergies – Avoiding the Dander

Cat allergies are not that bad for those without many cat owners in their lives.  Those people can avoid the dander that causes their allergic reactions.  Sadly some cat allergy sufferers are also cat owners and lovers.  Cat allergies don’t always manifest themselves right away so a recent cat owner may not know they are […]


Avoiding and Managing Flea Allergy Dermatitis

Pet allergies can make humans miserable but did you realize that the very dogs and cats we love can be suffering from allergies too.  Flea allergy dermatitis is an allergy to the saliva of fleas that affects both cats and dogs.  Of course not all cats and dogs are allergic to fleas since flea infestations […]


Dog Allergies – Man’s Worst Enemy

Dog allergies can change the wonderful bond shared over the centuries.  Dogs may be man’s best friend but dog allergies are man’s worst enemy.  Dog allergy symptoms can be miserable if they are severe.  Mild symptoms can include watery eyes, itchy skin and even a dry mouth.  The more severe symptoms can include hives, difficulty […]


Animal Lovers and Pet Allergies

Pet allergies can be pretty tough on you but they are even harder when you are actually an animal lover. I’ve mentioned my sister and her cat Topaz before. He recently passed on and even though she is allergic to cats she went out and bought 2 new cats. Pet allergies can be managed which […]


Yeast Allergy : Good for the Waist

If you are a glass is half full person you may think that a yeast allergy is the greatest thing since sliced bread, please forgive the pun. If you are not that type of person you might not be happy with your food choices. It might not matter that the low carb diet brought about […]


Dog Skin Allergies – Yes They Do Get Them

Many people seemed to think that dogs are immune from many of our ailments but they are not. Dogs get skin allergies just like some of us do. Dog skin allergies can make your dog’s life miserable. Most dog owners think of their pet as a member of their family so you want to make […]