Cat Allergies – Avoiding the Dander

Cute Furry Cat - allergiesCat allergies are not that bad for those without many cat owners in their lives.  Those people can avoid the dander that causes their allergic reactions.  Sadly some cat allergy sufferers are also cat owners and lovers.  Cat allergies don’t always manifest themselves right away so a recent cat owner may not know they are allergic to cats until they have fallen in love with theirs.

The culprit is the cat dander that builds up around the house or apartment over time.  Dander as defined by the dictionary is:  Small scales from animal skin or hair or even bird feathers that can cause an allergic reaction is some people.  The allergic reactions to the dander can cause itchy skin, red eyes, nasal congestion, sneezing and trouble even breathing.  Would these cat allergy symptoms be enough to want to give the cat away?  Some people may have become too attached so they want to explore if they can manage their symptoms enough so that they don’t have to give away their beloved cat.

The best way to decrease your cat allergy symptoms is to control the levels of dander in your environment.  This includes both cleaning parts of your home regularly as well as keeping your cat out of certain areas of your house.  Some people go all out and only keep their cat in one room while others just keep them out of their bedroom and bed.  Letting your cat sleep in your bed when you have cat allergies will undoubtedly make for many miserable nights sleep.  Showering before you go to sleep is also advised since you will clean off the dander before slipping into clean pajamas.

It is always recommended to wash your hands after touching any pet. It is even more important if you have allergies. Your day can be changed for the worst by simply touching your cat and then your face.  Some advise using a micro fiber cloth to stroke your cat. This will eliminate more dander than a bath, and it is easier.

A regular cleaning routine should include changing your bedding weekly, washing your curtains monthly and even vacuuming daily whenever possible.  Your vacuum should be one that has HEPA filters that are best for allergy sufferers.

Drastic measures like “quarantining” your cat may be necessary if you try all the above and still find that you are extremely uncomfortable because of your cat allergies.  Keeping yourself healthy is the most important thing, but you can try hanging on to your cat by managing the levels of dander you get exposed to.  Totally avoiding dander when you have a cat is impossible but managing the levels isn’t.

Consulting with your doctor about your cat allergy is also advised.  They may prescribe an allergy medicine to get you to the point that you can keep your cat.  If you find you can’t keep that particular cat you may want to investigate cat breeds that are better for allergy sufferers.  You would be surprised what a difference that could make and it could help you find the right balance between your cat allergies and your love of cats.

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