Anti Allergy Mattress Cover

Beds can give you allergiesIn the past we have written about how allergies can affect your sleep.  The problem is you may be “Sleeping with the Enemy” to borrow the title from an old Julia Roberts movie.  An anti allergy mattress cover can alleviate nasal allergy symptoms that you experience at night.  Managing your allergies involves more than just allergy medicines.  Many times it involves examining your daily habits for clues and then making the effort to change them.  Dust mite allergies affect many people who sleep on uncovered mattresses and an anti allergy mattress cover is a relatively easy thing to buy to decrease your exposure.

I don’t know of many people who attempt to really clean their mattress though vacuuming it with an allergy friendly vacuum cleaner may be helpful if you do it regularly.  Beds are used daily so the mattresses can get pretty dirty.  Think about wearing the same clothes every day, you definitely wouldn’t want to do that.  Changing and or cleaning the bedding in hot water regularly especially for those that suspect they are allergic to their beds is a must.  An anti allergy mattress cover will add to the level of cleanliness that will help manage your dust.

An anti allergy mattress cover basically covers and encloses your mattress so even if you are not able to clean your mattress you are shielded from exposure to not only the dust but the hair follicles, dead skin and sweat that may be embedded in the mattress.  Some best practices for using an anti allergy mattress is to clean the mattress as we discussed above before enclosing it in the cover.  You can also clean the covers as well.

Hypoallergenic bedding has been around for a while so finding them should not be a problem.  Keep in mind sometimes those that experience allergy symptoms at night like sneezing and congestion may be allergic to something else in their bed.  An example of that is an allergy to down comforters but there are allergy free comforter available as alternatives too.  A blitz approach would definitely include covers for both pillows and your mattress and making sure that you are using alternatives to down pillows and down comforters.

An anti allergy mattress cover not only helps with allergies but asthma sufferers also have a better nights sleep.  The new disturbing trend of bed bugs has also made mattress covers more main stream as some of the newer anti allergy covers are also applying “bed bug shields” to make it harder for your mattress to be infested with bed bugs and dust mites.

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