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Soy Allergy : Common Food Uncommon Allergy

When I think of soy I don’t think that it is a common type of food ingredient. I typically associate it with Chinese food and soy sauce so I thought a soy allergy shouldn’t be that big a concern. Unfortunately for those that have a soy allergy it is contained in more foods than I […]


Mold Allergy : An Unexpected Airborne Allergy

When most people think of mold they think of the mold in damp basements or the mold and mildew associated with bathroom cleaning products. A mold allergy in that case would have been thought of to result from somehow touching the mold. The reality is that a mold allergy is typically triggered by the mold […]


Yeast Allergy : Good for the Waist

If you are a glass is half full person you may think that a yeast allergy is the greatest thing since sliced bread, please forgive the pun. If you are not that type of person you might not be happy with your food choices. It might not matter that the low carb diet brought about […]


An Allergy Supplement Can Make a Difference

If you have allergies and haven’t considered using an allergy supplement you may be missing out on something that can help you better manage your allergies. Anyone who has experienced the discomfort and pain of an allergic reaction knows how crippling allergies can be. Nowadays vitamin supplements are taken for anything from calcium to help […]


Sugar Allergy : More Likely an Intolerance

Some people think they have a sugar allergy. Confirming this type of allergy can be devastating since so many foods contain some form of sugar. It is almost as tragic as a caffeine allergy for those who can not function without that first cup of coffee in the morning. Food allergies can be confused with […]


A Dust Allergy : Spring Cleaning Avoided

Are you one of those people that loves to clean in bursts? A dust allergy may cause you to adapt a new strategy. Instead of waiting until spring cleaning to do a major clean up you should consider taking out the feather duster more often. If you find yourself sneezing and wheezing and you can’t […]