Dog Allergies – Man’s Worst Enemy

Dog is SadDog allergies can change the wonderful bond shared over the centuries.  Dogs may be man’s best friend but dog allergies are man’s worst enemy.  Dog allergy symptoms can be miserable if they are severe.  Mild symptoms can include watery eyes, itchy skin and even a dry mouth.  The more severe symptoms can include hives, difficulty breathing due to congestions and even asthma attacks.

You may not even know you have dog allergies until after you get a dog and even then the allergic reactions may not start until weeks or even months after you have been living with a dog.  If you know you suffer from allergies in general odds are you may end up being allergic to dogs.  Dog allergies can also run in families so that may be a clue too.  This doesn’t necessarily mean you can never own a dog but you will have to do more homework before you buy one.

Certain dog breeds are better for those allergic to pet dander.  Dander is basically the particles of skin that are shed by pets like dogs and cats.  There are some dogs that shed their skin more slowly than others, they include poodles and schnauzers.  Because of the rise in dog allergies there actually has been a lot of research and cross-breeding to develop dogs that cause less dog allergies.  Those of note to avoid are cocker spaniels and basset hounds that are said to shed their skin faster which leaves more dander all over.

Indoor dogs of course will cause more problems for dog allergy sufferers but if you don’t want an outdoor dog you can try to manage the amount of dander you get exposed to.  You can do this by cleaning your house regularly.  Particularly areas like the bedding in your bedroom, the carpets and even curtains.  An air purifier with a HEPA filter may also help as it removes particles in the air including dander.

Contrary to popular belief you should not wash your dog frequently.  This actually cause more dander as the skin is dried out and then sheds more.  Dog allergy sufferers should be washing their dogs monthly.  Feeding your dog quality dog food can also reduce dander particles because it keeps their coat shiny and healthy.

Depending on the severity of your dog allergies you may be able to manage them with allergy medicines.  Consulting with a doctor to confirm your suspicions and to get advice on whether over the counter medicines will do the trick is highly advised if you want to keep your pet.

If you decide that you have to give away your dog you need to know that you may continue to suffer from your allergies for months.  You need to thoroughly clean and vacuum your house and if you have carpets odds are you need to have them shampooed.  Sadly you will have to get rid of their toys as well.

Being allergic to dogs can by a nuisance but for some it can be more than that.  Whether you get exposed to dogs of your own or through your family and friends getting the help you need can help you manage man’s worst enemy – dog allergies.

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