Allergy Medicines Can Do The Trick

happy woman outdoorsAllergy medicines are so prevalent nowadays one has to wonder what we would do without them.  Sadly whatever factors are contributing to the rise in allergies they don’t seem to be changing for the better.  Allergy medicines are advertised heavily during pollen season because so many of us suffer from seasonal allergies but they can be helpful at many other times as well.  I will confess my go to nasal allergy medicine is Benadryl.  Even though I have been prescribed and use Astelin for my nasal allergy symptoms sometimes I get caught unawares even after all these years.

Being outdoors tends to be a great enjoyment for most people particularly in the nicer weather associated with the spring and summer.  Even after a rain storm you may encounter enough pollen to cause problems and that is when you need to use allergy medicines.  If you are a gardener with allergies you also know that with all of the planting activity in the spring comes the risk of an allergy induced migraine or an unbelievable stuffy head.  By this time you should be in the routine of taking a daily medicine like Claritin to manage your seasonal allergies.

The timing of your use of allergy medicines in the spring usually works out well since spring cleaning tends to be an annual tradition in most houses.  Dust allergies can be triggered by all the cleaning done in the spring.  We also tend to open our windows to air out the house which of course lets the pollen in.  For cleaning in general though even outside the spring it might be wise to use allergy medicines like Benadryl to head it off at the pass since you are not using your seasonal allergy medicines at that point.

The trick to get the most out of the allergy medicines you use is to follow the dosing carefully especially for prescription medications.  You may not be on your allergy prevention regimen and that tends to cause problems with the effectiveness of your allergy medicines.  In my case if you do not take it once at night and once in the morning for a couple of days the effects are not as good so looking forward in terms of the pollen and your activities is key to making sure you are prepared.

Allergies can effect your quality of life so badly that not using your allergy medicines can make the difference between a great day and a bad day.  This also applies for your friends and family too who may be depending on your presence or participation in something important, believe me I know.

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