Fruit Allergies and OAS

Fruit allergies and OAS go hand in hand.  OAS stands for Oral Allergy Syndrome and refers to allergic reactions to fruit, nuts and vegetables.  This tends to develop in adults with hay fever otherwise known as seasonal allergies.  The correlation doesn’t seem to make sense but fruit grows in and on the earth which is also surrounded by the wonderful pollen that can affect so many allergy sufferers.  The production of antibodies associated with hayfever interact with parts of the fruit to cause the fruit allergy reaction.

Tree pollen seems to be one with a bigger association with fruit allergies but according to Wikipedia grass pollen and ragweed pollen can also be culprits.  Since the reaction is associated with the allergic reaction to the pollen fruit allergies may not be as dramatic outside of the times when we experience seasonal allergies.

Though there are not that many suffer from fruit allergies the impact for those folks can be significant.  Think of all the nutritional advice regarding increasing your consumption of fruits and vegetable for better health.  Those with oral allergy syndrome are limited to the amounts of these nutritious foods they can eat since the symptoms are quite uncomfortable and possible deadly.

Usually you can easily tell whether you are experiencing a fruit allergy because the reaction is fast.  The symptoms can also be quite dramatic with swollen lips and itchy throats.  The more severe fruit allergy reactions can range to anaphylaxis which can cause asphyxiation.  Wherever the fruit comes in contact with your mouth and throat are areas that can react including your tongue.

Though some of the nutrients in fruit and vegetables can be “cooked away” it seems that cooking fruits and vegetables minimizes and even eliminates your fruit allergies.  Processing the food also seems to do the same with canned fruits  and applesauce as examples.

The good news for some fruit allergy sufferers is that just because you are allergic to one type of fruit like oranges does not mean you are allergic to all.  As stated earlier Wikipedia shows a correlation between the type of pollen you are allergic to and the fruits and vegetables that may cause you fruit allergies.  An allergy to ragweed for example may make it more likely that you will react to bananas and different kinds of melon like watermelon.

Fruit allergies are treated like many food allergies with the primary approach being to avoid the food that is causing the problem.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are at least easy to identify unlike some other food allergy triggers that are found in many foods.  Also in this case at least you can have the fruits and vegetables cooked.  Otherwise you may want to consider allergy shots to manage your fruit allergies.  They basically train you until your allergic reactions are tolerable for you.  The nutritional benefits may be worth it to you.

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