Treatment of Peanut Allergy Evolves

Recently there has been a lot of news coverage regarding a new treatment for peanut allergies.  A study of children with peanut allergy has been conducted by Dr. Wesley Burks of Duke University Medical Center.  The initial study was small at 33 children with the main approach being oral immunotherapy. The children were challenged  with increasing small amounts of peanuts over an 8-10 month period on a daily basis.  5 basically ended up being totally free of their peanut allergy.  Here is a video which shows one of the successes.

I have seen some other reports that have also discussed how oral immunotherapy can be used in the same way to desensitize those suffering from milk allergy.

Please keep in mind this should not be done at home.  It was done as part of a supervised medical study.  Until bigger studies are done and it is approved for use for your allergist it is still advised to continue to “treat” your allergy by avoiding peanuts.

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