Allergies and Christmas Toys

As the Christmas holiday nears and I am looking at what gifts to buy my children I found myself thinking about how my choices may affect the allergy level in our house.  I know it is sad but since we all suffer from some form of allergy or another it is something that enters into many of our day to day decisions.

My daughter is 8 and loves animals and has wanted a dog since as long as she could talk.  We definitely can not have a dog because of dog allergies so that got me thinking about the popular realistic toy animals that are out there on the market.

One of the most popular Christmas Toys for 2008 is the Biscuit the Dog Toy otherwise known as Biscuit my Lovin Pup.  My daughter has requested this toy and I am seriously considering it.  She has the least allergies in our house and has over 20 stuffed animals.  If your child has an allergy to dust mites stuffed animals are not a good idea.  Though you can manage them by cleaning the stuffed animals regularly or freezing them as some doctors recommend I would not add this complication to your life.

The Biscuit the Dog Toy is a little on the high side but you can currently save $30 if you buy through Amazon link below.

Fur Real Friends Biscuit My Lovin Pup

My Lovin Pup

I have narrowed this holiday gift idea to between this dog and the cheaper Fisher-Price Puppy Grows and Knows Your Name which is currently offered at a $21savings.

Fisher-Price Puppy Grows and Knows Your Name Tan

Puppy Grows and Says Your Name

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