Types of Allergies Expand Daily

allergy suffererAs someone who writes about allergies regularly I am sometimes amazed at the different types of allergies that are being categorized.  Sometimes it seems the list is being expanded daily.  Many times those not familiar with seasonal allergy symptoms confuse them with a cold while someone with a food allergy might think they got a case of food poisoning.  The types of allergies dictate your symptoms and how or whether there is an allergy treatment that may help alleviate your allergy symptoms.  This is why it is so important to understand the different kinds of allergies.

Top level types of allergies are categories like seasonal allergies and food allergies but their are so many different allergens that can be the cause in each.  Though one person might be allergic to the growth of grass in the spring another may only be allergic to ragweed.  Some of us may be allergic to many of the pollen types that pop up in the spring and fall.  For food allergies some may experience an egg allergy while another may be allergic to wheat or gluten.

The reality is that having allergy symptoms is just the first step toward identifying the types of allergies you may have followed by many other steps that include consultations with doctors and different methods and attempts to treat your allergy symptoms.  Allergy medicines may work on some while not on others.  Some may even end up trying more natural allergy treatments like acupuncture for allergies.

A myth that I was actually a victim of was that you are born with whatever types of allergies you are going to have.  That is not true.  Some allergies can develop over time like seasonal allergies.  Babies that may be born with a peanut allergy may never be able to eat peanuts while they may actually outgrow a milk allergy.  Exposure is a big component of developing allergies with a good example being people who develop allergies when they move.  This can be to another country or state but even a house.

Some people do not get exposed to the level of dust or pet dander that is sufficient to trigger significant allergy symptoms until they bump into a specific situation or environment that brings those types of allergies to light.  When I moved from a house with steam heat to one with forced hot air my nasal allergy symptoms rose dramatically because not only was the heating system blowing pollen around it also was blowing more dust around as well.  A dust allergy which is actually a dust mite allergy is harder to manage with this type of heating system.  Living with a pet can also cause you to develop pet allergies that you didn’t know you had since pet allergies don’t often show up right away.

One of the key things to understand about all the different types of allergies is that true allergies involve the immune system and it’s reaction to the protein in the specific allergen.  Sometimes things like intolerances and sensitivities seem like they are an allergy but they are not.  Lactose intolerance is not a milk allergy for example and being sensitive to substances in the air like smoke is not an eye allergy.  As the types of allergies continue to expand treatments will evolve that include both allergy medicines and more natural treatments so keeping up with news on the allergy front may get you closer to living a more allergy free life.

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