Peanut and Nut Free Snacks

As we start off the new school year I thought it would be helpful to provide an idea list of peanut and nut free snacks. I am sure that many of us are starting to learn the rules and regulations of our schools. We have discussed it many times the challenges and the fears associated with those of us who have children that are either allergic to peanuts or nuts. More and more facilities are going nut free. This year our school has a new nurse. She has been kind enough to share some thoughts regarding snacks. Whether you are the parent of someone with this type of food allergy or not you are expected to make sure you bring in snacks that keep other children safe as well.

Please keep in mind that some of these snacks are brand names which I have no association with and I have not tried them all. You should ALWAYS CHECK LABELS FOR CHANGES IN INGREDIENTS.

all fruits and vegetables
Thomas, lenders, or Ray’s bagels
cream cheese(check ingredients of flavored ones for not*)

Graham crackers
Teddy Graham’s
vanilla wafers
plain Ritz crackers
saltine crackers
bread sticks
Smart food popcorn
Nutri-Grain bars
wheat thins
Plain Tostitos tortilla corn chips
Nabisco sugar wafers
Hostess mini muffins

*Nowadays everything seems to come in a flavor so be sure to check ingredients since listing of peanuts and nuts is the law.

Though a sandwich may not be considered a snack ,depending on who you talk to, no list of peanut and nut free snacks would be complete without a discussion of peanut butter substitutes. Other nut butters like almond, hazelnut and cashew butters offer the closest experience to the comforting pb and j but be sure to check it out with your allergist first since though a peanut is not technically a nut your child may be allergic to the nuts in the substitute butter as well. One peanut butter alternative I recently heard about that has actually been around since 2002 is SunButter which is made from sunflower seeds and is marketed as “Great news for peanut and nut allergy sufferers” again consult with your allergist for their opinion.

Hopefully this list will be a good reference for ideas when your child needs a new snack which is also safe for his allergic classmates.

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  1. Mary says:

    Actually Cashew is found to cause more serious allergic reactions than peanut, so i would advice against cashew butter. i thought it was a healthy alternative and ate it throughout breastfeeding and now my child has a severe allergy to cashews!

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