An Allergy To Down Comforters Make for a Restless Night

In the previous post I highlighted a product that may help those who think they have an allergy to down comforters. I was exposed to these types of products because of my children but I am also finding they apply to me. I had no clue that I could be allergic to my down comforter. Many people don’t realize that the symptom they are having at night are allergies. The type of heat you have can be a trigger and most people attribute their reactions to that or maybe some pollen that snuck through an open window.

An allergy to down comforters can have a significant impact on your quality of life. A bad night’s sleep makes for a very unhappy and often unproductive person. The allergy to down comforters comes from an allergy to the down feathers that make the down comforters so soft. This down isn’t just found in comforters. Pillows, duvet sets and other bedding can also be to blame. If the thought never crossed your mind that you are allergic to your down comforter now may be the time to get tested.

Not ready to get tested? Here are some things to try depending on the severity of your symptoms, the amount of money you are willing to spend and other possible allergens that you are exposed to.

If you have pets in the house they may be leaving pet hair on your pillows and bedding. If you have open windows you might be allergic to pollen coming in the window. You might even be allergic to dustmites which can be anywhere, particularly in beds. Lastly it could an allergy to a down comforter. The other allergens mentioned are small in comparison to the full list of things that could be causing your allergy symptoms at night.

The above may seem laughable because at the end of the day you are nowhere. You still can’t pinpoint the cause of your sneezing, coughing and discomfort at night. I just wanted to prove the point that an allergy to down comforters can only be verified by being tested by a certified allergist.

If you suspect an allergy to down comforters and your health insurance does not cover allergy testing you can try switching bed covers for a few nights. If you replace your down comforter with a regular bed spread, and you go through the night without any allergy symptoms, then you may have an allergy to down comforters.

Your allergy to down comforters does not have to condemn you to no longer feeling the comfort of down comforters. As seen in my previous post Natural Comfort has a luxurious down alternative. There are other imitation down comforters you can get that will help you sleep comfortably at night. They can do this because they are made of material that won’t cause the discomfort of allergy symptoms. They are also soft enough to satisfy your comfort needs. Comforter covers are also an option.

Allertech┬« Ultimate Cotton Comforter Covers – Full/Queen 86″ X 86″

An allergy to down comforters does not have to ruin your life. Make the necessary changes. As you can see the options are out there. More importantly when possible verify that you truly are allergic to this and not something else by getting tested. A positive attitude and some research on soft alternatives will again make your bed the place of renewal that is supposed to be.

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