Allergy Shots Provide a Great Alternative

Allergy shots are usually considered a last resort in the fight to manage your allergies. This tends to make them more mysterious than they really are. Treatment of allergies through immunotherapy has been around for quite some time. It can “cure” some sufferers of their allergies.
Here is what you need to know about allergy shots.

What horrible symptoms are you living with? Millions of people are affected by irritating symptoms that often accompany their allergies. These symptoms can include skin disorders, stomach upset, sinusitis and chronic ear infections. Most people have difficulty finding effective treatments. Typically many therapies particularly the over the counter ones only work for short periods of time. When these treatments fail an allergist usually comes into the picture. After testing they will probably recommend allergy shots, particularly if you suffer from pollen allergies. These shots contain a small amount of the substance to which one is allergic, whether it is dust, ragweed, or pollen. Though the effectiveness of this treatment of allergies is still being debated, many feel they have experienced positive results.

How do Allergy Shots Work?

After testing to determine what the person is allergic to a person receives allergy shots containing a dilution of that allergen. The body begins to produce antibodies to that particular allergen. This helps your body to fight the allergen. This is similar in approach to the vaccines that children receive to build their immunity to certain diseases.

The result of the shots is that the next time you come into contact with the allergen, these newly created antibodies can help to block the allergic reaction. This also helps reduce the severity of the symptoms. Relief builds up over time should last for a long time. The most common reason for receiving allergy shots is for pollen allergies such as hay fever or allergic rhinitis. Asthma may be improved in some people with the use of allergy shots and are particularly recommended for children over 5 that do not have severe asthma. T

Allergy shots are not recommended for everyone, as mentioned if someone suffers from severe asthma or any heart-related problems, then allergy shots are usually not recommended. Children who are under five years old are also not good candidates.. During pregnancy, this type of immunotherapy should not be started, as little is known what the effects on babies. Usually, the shots are administered about 2 times a week at the beginning. Then after six months, one can begin maintenance shots once a month.

Treating your allergies with allergy shots is an important decision. Try other strategies first and consult with both your primary care physician and your allergist. Allergy shots are not your only immunotherapy weapon when it comes to the treatment of allergies. Allergy drops are also making some headway here in the United States.

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