Allergy and Deodorant : A Smelly Combination

An allergy to deodorants doesn’t have to leave you without friends. Deodorants can sometimes cause allergic reactions and many people are afraid to talk about it. They are very self-conscious because an allergy and deodorant combination doesn’t seem to leave you with many options for smelling fresh. People use deodorant to prevent body odor. They wear it under their arms where we tend to sweat the most and the sweat mixes with the deodorant to produce a more pleasant odor. However, what happens if you are allergic to the very deodorant that you are using to help you smell better?

First Confirm Your Allergy to Deodorants

If you’re not sure if you are allergic to deodorant, there are certain signs that you can look out for. For instance, if, after applying the deodorant, you notice a rash of any kind, or a series of red and inflamed bumps, or anything else out of the ordinary, it’s recommended that you stop using that deodorant immediately. Just because you have an allergic reaction to one deodorant doesn’t necessarily mean you are allergic to all deodorants. Try switching brands.

In some ways an allergy to deodorants is like a perfume allergy. If you’ve ever walked into a department store you know what I mean. As soon as you pass the perfume counter you get sprayed with the latest scent. I personally can only use certain perfume brands. Some of the others are too strong and give me sinus problems.

Switching Brands Doesn’t Work

If you find that after trying many brands you still are experiencing allergic reactions it is time to explore some alternatives. Yes, smelling good did exist before Secret or Old Spice! You need to find options to control your sweat and help you smell good. If you have children you might have something right in your bathroom that works. The baby powder you use on your baby can help you both control the sweat and keep you from smelling as though you just came from the gym. Since it isn’t the standard stronger deodorant that people use you may consider carrying some around with you to be prepared to add more when needed.

Seek an Expert Opinion

If you’re still not sure whether or not you’re allergic to deodorant, consult an allergist. An allergist can test you to see what you are really allergic to. Other possible allergens could be perfume or soap. Trying unscented brands of deodorants and soaps may help but only an allergist can confirm whether you truly are allergic to deodorants. An allergy and deodorant combination does not have to leave you out in the cold. Confirm your allergy and then try some of the options mentioned above. Your allergist can also provide you with alternatives since they deal with these things regularly.

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  2. […] Visit where you can find more information on all types of allergies including contact allergies like allergy and deodorant. […]

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