Allergies In Children – Silent Suffering

Allergies in children are a big concern for today’s parent. As mentioned in the previous article my 2 young children are experiencing allergy symptoms and I want to make sure to do what is best for keeping them comfortable and safe. My initial concerns with my children came up pretty early particularly with my son who developed asthma as a baby.

If you send your child to preschool odds are you get exposed to germs that cause anything from colds to major diseases so sometimes it is hard to tell whether your child has allergies or is experiencing the latest bug at daycare. Being sick and allergies in children are two different things and should be handled differently. To get to the truth you need to to watch and pay attention to your child to determine patterns in their reactions. Sometimes it feels like you are on an episode of CSI but it is important to look for clues to what your child is allergic to. For instance, if they are always sneezing when they come in from outside, or if they constantly get headaches at the daily and at the same time, it may be time to discuss the issue further with your pediatrician.

Allergies in children can be different than allergies in adult. That is why if is good to consult with your pediatrician first. They can help you decide whether it is time to see an allergist. If the pediatrician agrees then its time to get your child tested for allergies. An allergist will test your child for allergies and will then determine what they are allergic to. This is the ammunition you need, as a parent, to help your child manage their allergies.

The symptoms of allergies in children vary. Some children have food allergies like milk and get severe headaches or stomach aches. Food allergies in children are so common nowadays that daycare, preschools and even summer camps have strict rules about bringing something as innocent as peanut butter to school, the allergic reaction can be that severe. Other children are allergic to pets and can’t stop sneezing when they are around. Then, there are some allergies in children that are caused by something as common as the dust in your house. Only an allergist will be able to tell you for sure if your child has allergies.

Paying attention to your child is the key to controlling their allergies. Allergies in children are very common and you don’t want them to suffer silently since they don’t know enough to help themselves. You can help them learn to eliminate whatever causes them discomfort and teach them to look out for whatever triggers their symptoms, so that they can learn to make better choices on their own. Adopting the right lifestyle to manage their allergies is the key to living a normal, comfortable life. If symptoms become unmanageable then it may be time for more aggressive treatments with the guidance of your allergist.

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