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Allergy Tips for the Halloween Season

Halloween and allergies are not something you necessarily think about but whether you are talking about candy or possible face paint there are many opportunities to be exposed to allergens and their awful consequences on Halloween.  Food allergies continue to be more common but it is hard to deny your children the childhood pleasure of […]


Skin Allergies and Rashes

Skin allergies and rashes seem to go hand in hand but that is not always the case.  Rashes can be caused by serious illnesses like chicken pox(and shingles), measles, and rosacea.  Skin allergies are caused by reactions to contact with certain things or even reactions to medicines like penicillin.  Particular allergic reactions that involve the […]


Lake Water Allergies – An UnExpected Allergy

Lake water allergies are not something most people think about as they are taking the leap off the rope going in or just wading with their kids to get cool on a hot summer day.  Nature is an interesting thing since for some of us it can cause unexpected reactions.  Lake water allergies also sometimes […]