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Allergies to What?

Allergies seem to be everywhere nowadays?  From respiratory allergies to food allergies it seems everyone is somehow affected.  Do you think you suffer from allergies?  In order to start to figure that out you need to understand what allergies are in the first place. Allergies are the reactions to certain things that you either get […]


Food Allergies – Adults Suffer Too

Food allergies have gotten a lot of attention in the last 10 to 15 years. The rise in those suffering from food allergies has caused the media to focus more attention on the various kinds of food allergies but it seems most of the coverage is going to the children. Of course this isn’t a […]


Treating Allergy with Acupuncture Is a Possibility

For those who are tired of the side effects of traditional allergy treatments treating allergy with acupuncture is more than a possibility it is a reality for many folks.  In related studies acupuncture looks promising as alternative allergy treatment.  Most of us are trained to seek traditional medical treatments for allergy with most of them […]


Dust Mites Allergy – Hard to Avoid

Many types of allergies are easy to manage because the key to that is basically avoiding the allergen.  If you have a peanut allergy your plan is to avoid peanuts.  If you react to latex avoid latex.  Dust is not that easy to avoid and a dust mites allergy can make for a lot of […]