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Can Tattoo Allergies be Avoided?

Tattoo allergies may be a concern when you are considering taking the leap for that cool tattoo.  When considering whether to get a tattoo or not most people don’t realize that they may experience an allergic reaction to the tattoo.  Though this is rare it can be scary and it will take away from the […]


Skin Allergies and Rashes

Skin allergies and rashes seem to go hand in hand but that is not always the case.  Rashes can be caused by serious illnesses like chicken pox(and shingles), measles, and rosacea.  Skin allergies are caused by reactions to contact with certain things or even reactions to medicines like penicillin.  Particular allergic reactions that involve the […]


Allergy and Deodorant : A Smelly Combination

An allergy to deodorants doesn’t have to leave you without friends. Deodorants can sometimes cause allergic reactions and many people are afraid to talk about it. They are very self-conscious because an allergy and deodorant combination doesn’t seem to leave you with many options for smelling fresh. People use deodorant to prevent body odor. They […]


Dog Skin Allergies – Yes They Do Get Them

Many people seemed to think that dogs are immune from many of our ailments but they are not. Dogs get skin allergies just like some of us do. Dog skin allergies can make your dog’s life miserable. Most dog owners think of their pet as a member of their family so you want to make […]